Besides the clinics there are a multitude of other options for getting (and understanding) “cross.” Molly Hurford, better known as ‘The Girl with the Cowbell Tattoo’ for her column of the same name at CX Magazine, has pulled together a comprehensive guide to Cyclocross.

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A Crazy, Happy Circus: U.S. CX and Molly Hurford’s Mud, Snow and Cyclocross

‘Cross ain’t easily explained. And to understand how it seems to instantly hook almost everyone who bumps into it, you just have to go, just once, even just to watch (although you’ll wish you’d brought your bike). Otherwise, thankfully, there’s now Molly Hurford’s Mud, Snow, and Cyclocross: How ‘Cross Took Over U.S. Cycling. Bound in bacon, smelling of frites and beer, and shipped to your door in a bucket of mud, Hurford’s new book may be as close as you can get to the greatest sport in the universe without actually freezing your ass off.

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The New Timer

I used to write all the race reports for Dirty Deeds. It was a pretty fun job, I gotta admit, even if it was time consuming. As well as getting to make any number of jokes about Lewis’ foot fetish, I got to tell the stories of the races, and that’s always the best bit. An added bonus I didn’t anticipate, however, was that I got to know a whole bunch of the folks I was sending these reports to.

One of these folks was Molly Hurford of Cyclocross Magazine – the Girl With The Cowbell Tattoo herself. After the Australian season was over we kept emailing back and forth, and eventually became pretty good friends. I sent her a shirt from this year’s DDCX and she asked me to review her new book – Mud, Snow and Cyclocross: How ‘Cross Took Over US Cycling.

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Half Wheel Hell

Within one month’s time, many racers across the Mid-Atlantic region will be pulling their skinsuits out again, visualizing hole-shots and packing their race bags for the opening race of the cyclocross season. It’s a fall tradition with European roots. But it’s a fall tradition that has taken off here in America with its own special flavors and characteristics. Love it or hate it (or do both in the course of single race!), ‘cross is a trend in American cycling that gets bigger every year. This year, however, it gets its “getting bigger” chronicled, analyzed and explained in a new book by Molly Hurford, editor of Cyclocross Magazine. Mud, Snow, and Cyclocross: How ‘Cross Took Over US Cycling will both whet your appetite for the coming season and help you understand a bit more about why we do ‘cross the way we do it here, both in the Mid-Atlantic region and across the United States as well. If you race ‘cross, you want to order this book and read it before you roll up to your first starting grid of the season. But you’ll want to act quickly: the book is on pre-sale now and, just like pre-registration for a ‘cross race, there are benefits to being first!

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Bangable Dudes in Pro Cycling

We’ve been utilizing our post-Tour vacances by getting busy and plotting our upcoming CX season. Posting will resume in early September, just before CrossVegas. In the meantime, we will be passing around HQ’s copy of Mud, Snow, and Cyclocross, written by esteemed guest post author Molly Hurford. We love her writing, and as a bonus, many of our favorite Dudes were interviewed.

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