Mud, Snow and Cyclocross: The Boston Globe, TourChats, and More Reviews!

I LOVE that people send pictures of my book when they get it. Awesome.

I’ve been traveling like a maniac the last couple of weeks, with no end in sight, but I wanted to pop on and post a few of the coolest things that have happened to me lately.

First of all, Ed Medina wrote an AMAZING article that was published in The Boson Globe yesterday all about cyclocross, with a whole piece interviewing me and talking about the book and how people can get into cyclocross. So exciting!

I also was lucky enough to be featured on Tour Chats with Neil Browne and Dan Wuori, where I talked about the book and cyclocross, showed off my cowbell tattoo, and generally had an amazing time.

There have also been a few great reviews of the book that have come out lately. The Washing Machine Post from the UK did one, as did Scum City Racing.

Colt from CyclingDirt did an interview with me at USGP Sun Prairie, which was a blast, even though I talk on video about why reading is way better than watching a video…

Lastly, I got to do a book signing at CrossVegas, and in Interbike with Cat’s Tongue Towels and USA Cycling, which was an absolute blast.

Stay tuned for more, and check out the coverage from the USGP’s that I did, because there are some great interviews in there.

Book signing at USA Cycling’s booth at Interbike!

Who, What, When, Where: September Plans!

Book Tour 2012 September Kickoff

  • September 7: NECX Kick-Off at Ride Studio Cafe in Boston
  • September 8-9: Rochester, NY (UCI Race)
  • September 15-16: Nittany Lion Cross in PA (UCI Race)
  • September 18-20: Interbike and CrossVegas
  • September 22-23: USGP Sun Prairie
  • September 23: TourChats Guest Appearance!
  • September 28-20: North Coast Gran Prix of Cyclocross in Ohio

I’ll also be racing and reporting at all of the above races. Make sure to stop by and say hello if you’re around!

(How awesome is the photo above? Iain from Australia made the loaf of bread in celebration of getting the book in the mail- awesome, awesome guy!)

Life is still pretty exciting here in the Valley, now that the season is getting closer and closer. I’m packing like a madwoman since I won’t be home for a solid six weeks, and working like crazy, but still having an absolute blast, getting out on crazy mountain bike rides and cyclocross practices. We had an awesome Ladies Clinic just last night, and we had some crazy good women out. Turns out, teaching a clinic is hard, but totally worthwhile, and I’m so glad Christin, Frances and I were able to pull it together.

Also, have you met my new baby? Niall Gengler, of NFG Cycles, just finished it, and I’m so excited to be able to try it out this weekend at Rochester! It’s so, so tiny, and I’m in love with it.

Want to see it in person? Going to be in Ohio at the end of September?

Check it: North Coast Gran Prix of Cyclocross
What more can we do for a great weekend of cross? How about one for the ladies? (and gents) Come meet and ride with Molly Hurford, The Girl With the Cowbell Tattoo of Cyclocross Magazine. Molly will be joining us for our cross clinics with Scott Mares and signing her new book Mud, Snow, and Cyclocross. We’ll have a ride with Molly just for the ladies during open course time before the team race.
After the riding and racing, come on down with us and have have some refreshment and share Molly’s stories and more chances to meet Molly and have your book signed.

So excited!!

And if you can’t make it, and don’t have a copy of the book yet, this is kind of neat: it’s available on Amazon and iTunes! (Yes, I was seriously psyched to see my name come up on them!)

Get it on Amazon.

Get it on iTunes.

First Review is Out from HalfWheelHell

The lovely people over at HalfWheelHell did a review of Mud, Snow and Cyclocross, and Daryl Grisson had some nice things to say:

“Within one month’s time, many racers across the Mid-Atlantic region will be pulling their skinsuits out again, visualizing hole-shots and packing their race bags for the opening race of the cyclocross season. It’s a fall tradition with European roots. But it’s a fall tradition that has taken off here in America with its own special flavors and characteristics. Love it or hate it (or do both in the course of single race!), ‘cross is trend in American cycling that gets bigger every year. This year, however, it gets its “getting bigger” chronicled, analyzed and explained in a new book by Molly Hurford, editor of Cyclocross Magazine. Mud, Snow, and Cyclocross: How  ‘Cross Took Over  US  Cycling will both whet your appetite for the coming season and help you understand a bit more about why we do ‘cross the way we do it here, both in the Mid-Atlantic region and across the United States as well. If you race ‘cross, you want to order this book and read it before you roll up to your first starting grid of the season. But you’ll want to act quickly: the book is on pre-sale now and, just pre-registration for a ‘cross race, there are benefits to being first!”

“In short, if you love cyclocross, you’ll love this book. Hurford’s writing is casual and conversational because the pros she talked with are approachable and passionate about reaching out to the fans and the grassroots racers who keep cyclocross growing here in the States. They are down-to-earth and truly enjoy talking to Hurford’s readers. American cyclocross may not be the same as European cyclocross. But for the racers who will enjoy reading this book while they anxiously await the opening minute of registration for the first race of the year, that’s just the way it needs to stay: the people’s sport.”

Read the whole thing here.

We head to the printer’s next week, so it’s almost showtime!